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Lari Averbeck

Relationship Coach

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How can "Getting Real In Relationships" change your life?


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Meet Your Coach

“She helped me become more ME in my relationship!”

Lari Averbeck has been a long time learner and teacher. She took herself and her clients to a new level in 2023, graduating from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). After spending 22 years as a successful Real Estate Agent, she decided to include professional seminars and coaching on her resume.

Lari has been holding workshops, mastermind groups and collaborative councils for the past 30 years! She lends experience, compassion and new pathways to people looking to shift their relationships, find a new one or are considering unwinding from one! She works with people in all areas of relationship: intimate, work and family to name a few.

Her passion for self-discovery and helping people can be seen via her weekly videos and video blog. Lari helps people understand what different relationships mean to them and intentionally CREATE or shift the relationships they are in, or are looking for!


Seminar & Coaching Topics Include:

Relationships -Finding and Thriving in
the Relationship You Want
Showing up for Yourself and Others in a Relationship
Finding and Using your Inner Voice
How to be Human in the Workplace

Relevant Certifications:

  • Energy Leadership Assessment Master Practitioner
  • IPEC Certified Life Coach
  • Creating Spiritual Relationships with Gary Zukav
  • Theta Healing: Basic DNA and Advanced DNA
  • Getting The Love You Want (Couples)- Harville Hendrix
  • Big 5 For Life
  • Landmark Forum

If you are challenged in ANY relationship (including the one with yourself) and want to learn more about how I can help you Get Real, click here!

What Others Say...

"Lari was such a huge help to us in building our company culture! We didn't realize "what we didn't know" and she helped us uncover a few much needed areas that needed our attention. (She helped us attend to those areas too!) Her warm but straight forward approach was appreciated by Management & team. The staff kept asking us when she was coming back! We would definitely recommend her to other businesses looking to maximize their team's connection and work potential!"
— Tanya, Business Owner

“Working with Lari has been such an IMPACTFUL experience. She helped me look at certain relationships with new eyes and this has led to some unexpected and positive outcomes for me. She helped me to stay accountable and feel more at home with the REAL ME- She has been such a gift.”
— Lisa S

“Lari was born to be a personal coach! I totally endorse her and her expertise! She listens with an open mind and asks tough questions without being judgmental. Her expertise resulted in several 'lightbulb moments' for me regarding my relationships in my current and past work environments! It was a relief to finally have some clarity. I doubt I would have gotten there without Lari’s coaching.”
— Rebecca E

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